Friday, August 1, 2008

Our First Post- Tigger

Sadly, our first post is going to be about Tigger. Thursday was our last day with him. We had to put him to sleep Thursday night. The kids were upset, but they knew that Tigger wouldn't be suffering anymore. We miss you Tiggie! He provided a lot of fun memories for us. Especially, when we had to move...several times! The funniest story has to be when we moved from San Diego to San Antonio. He managed to escape from his pet taxi. Tim can recall the story much better than I because he was driving the Uhaul and Tigger was his companion. My brother, Marcus, will never let us forget the story of Tigger when he and his family came to visit us in San Diego. Too embarrasing to share! :-) Let's just say it involved me (Michelle), a broom, and Tigger trying to fight with another cat. Tigger could definitely be categorized as an Alpha Male. This morning I reminded myself to close the door to the room where Hammie (my class pet) stays to keep her away from Tigger, but then I remembered that Tigger was no longer with us. :-(

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