Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Ava has arrived!!


I have some great friends who are always willing to help. Since I was on bed rest for such a long time I was not able to get Ava's room ready. On one of my many stays at the hospital Ava's room waa painted for me. I was so thankful, greatful & happy that her room was painted!! Thank you my friends! I sure love you! :-)

One last family picture of 4! We are about to be taken to the delivery room.

To Infinity & Beyond..... :-))

Welcome to our world, Ava Danielle!!!

Ava gets to meet her older brother & of the best moments in my life.

What an angel...sent from above! :-)

August/Sept. 2009

6 months pregnant...can't wait! Summer has been extremely hot this year. I don't go out much unless it is past 7pm. I can't tolerate the heat so my house has basically become my cave. :-/ Thank God we have a pool! :-))

1st day of school! Can't wait to meet my new students!

Sadly, I didn't last long at work. By the first week in September my back was hurting so bad I could hardly walk. A week later I had pre-eclampsia so Dr. Z put me on bed rest & I never went back.

Missy is ready for 8th grade.

I didn't get a picture of Adam this year. :-( It's his Senior year & he has taken all of the classes he needs to graduate so he doesn't have to take a class during 1st block. Which means he gets to go to school later...he wasn't going to wake up early for a picture. :-(

Teaher Workday...Luncheon. Some of the 1st gr. teachers.

I am missing a lot of pictures :-( because my external hard drive crashed. Missy & I enjoyed our birthday's, but I don't have the pictures to post. I backed up all of my pictures to it, But never anticipated that it would die!!!! I hate technology!
:-/ I was told that my pictures may possibly be retrieved, but it would cost over $1000.00!!! I thought the guy was kidding. He wasn't. I guess I will hand my old external hard drive to my grandchildren:-S So much for leaving pics for future generations.

Youth Camp- Summer 2009

Missy had a great time at youth camp!!!

Mini-Vacation to San Antonio July 2009


What to do, what to do.... Missy is at youth camp in Maypearl & Adam is at point guard college in Oklahoma sooooo we decide to visit downtown SA. We couldn't decide which city to visit until we made a decision based on FOOD! We knew we would get some of the best Mexican food in SA. :-)

We had such a great time! When we arrived at the hotel they told us that they gave us a free upgrade to one of their suites. WooHoo!! They also gave us free breakfast & I'm not talking about a continental breakfast either. Breakfast was delicious!!

Thers's nothing like room service!!!

5 months pregnant with Miss Ava...she was loving the Mexican food too! ;-)

We decide to hang out on our balcony for a while. We had a great view of the river from our room.

Time for some fun! As we are shopping we come across some hats. I know you're thinking, "hats"....big deal!! Well, let me show you the pictures and you'll understand why I am making such a big deal! :-))

Tim tried to take a picture of me with the cowboy hat, but he wasn't successful because I was crying from laughing soo hard. Yes, the people around us thought we were crazy!!

We move on to another store & guess what they have too!!! HATS!!

Last, but not least!! I could not stop laughing at this one either!! For those of you wondering... Yes, that's who Missy gets her curly hair from. LOL :-))

We had a great time being tourists in our own home town!