Friday, August 8, 2008

Hanging out at the river!

I love going to the river! It provides for the opportunity to relax, swim, eat & be without technology! AHH--Heaven! :-)

This cardinal stopped by for a visit.

The kids love spending time with their cousins! Moments together are filled with laughter & fun!

Adam & Missy enjoy jumping into the water!

I love my family! Here's one of my favorite quotes about children. "Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body." I am blessed to be the mother of 2 children!!

Forever Friends!

Look at these 2 cute & adorable friends. "M" & Melissa were 3 & 4 yrs. old in this picture. I think I took this picture of the 2 of them when "M" stayed with us for a while while mom went on a trip to visit dad in Australia! It's funny how sometimes we forget events that have happened in our life. During their visit, Nathan reminded us of "M" behavior while she stayed with us & how she threw up strawberry milk all over our living room...too funny! Sorry, "M" I had to bring it up again because I just can't believe that I forgot about that. I guess it's because I didn't have to clean it up. :-) Crystal sure remembers that story! HAHAHA!!!

I asked the girls to pose in the same way as the previous picture. They laughed at themselves when I showed them the picture!! I tried to convince them of how cute they looked. During their visit they had a lot of fun together! I'll never forget the way "M' greeted Missy when we met them at the hotel to see them for the first time! BIG SMILES & BIG HUGS...PRICELESS!!

Did ya notice the van in the background of both pictures?

Sorry, "M" I know you want Missy to visit you...BUT I just can't let my baby fly alone overseas. I know what you're thinking...why can't I fly with Melissa? We'll talk about that LATER! :-)

Visitors from Germany!

It was so great to see old friends. I can't believe it's been 6 years since we last visited with them in San Diego. We were able to meet their newest addition to the family. Wait til you see his beautiful blue eyes. It took him awhile to warm up to us, but there's nothing like food to bring people together. I'm proud to say that during dinner I introduced him to Ranch dressing. He couldn't stop eating it! Hey guys make sure you buy my little friend plenty of Ranch dressing! ;-) As I was uploading the picture of all of us Tim happened to get a glimpse of it & said... well I'd rather not write what he profanity, BUT it may be offensive to some of you. It went something like this H--Y C--P please tell everyone I AM STANDING! I'm not on my knees! Of course, we both started laughing hysterically!
For my husband's sake, I will let you know that we were standing on a slope & you guessed it...Tim happens to be standing at the bottom of it! Whew! ok, enough about that. Hope you get a laugh out of that one too!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome Home Charlie!!

The newest member of our family joined us on Saturday, August 2nd. Charlie is our new Yorkie. He's the cutest fur ball! :-) He met his canine sister (Stormie) and was eager to play with her. Stormie seemed a little frightened at first which was hilarious because she weighs about 50 pounds more than Charlie and is much larger than him.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Noah & a Gangster?!!!

Adam was a gangster in one of the skits & Noah in another. Can you tell which is Noah & which is the gangster?!! :-)) Go Adam!!

Enjoying the children!

We were so happy to see Adam when he arrived home. We couldn't wait to hear his stories. We cried & laughed. He mentioned the poverty, the Hurricane, the children & the friendliness of the Mexican people. We asked him what the best part of the trip was & his answer was, "playing with the kids!" They enjoyed playing soccer or as they say in Mexico...Futbol. Adam said many children accepted Christ into their life & many requested prayer. The youth spread God's word through drama, music, prayer & many, many other ways.

Mexico Outreach 2008

Adam went on his first missions trip this Summer. He joined our youth group as they ventured to Mission, TX & Mexico. We sure missed him while he was gone, but we knew that he was on an important (life changing) trip. Hurricane Dolly changed the itinerary a bit, but they were all very flexible and endured the rain, wind, mud & everything a Hurricane brings with it. Instead of spending their last day having fun in South Padre they had to stay in San Antonio on the Riverwalk.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our First Post- Tigger

Sadly, our first post is going to be about Tigger. Thursday was our last day with him. We had to put him to sleep Thursday night. The kids were upset, but they knew that Tigger wouldn't be suffering anymore. We miss you Tiggie! He provided a lot of fun memories for us. Especially, when we had to move...several times! The funniest story has to be when we moved from San Diego to San Antonio. He managed to escape from his pet taxi. Tim can recall the story much better than I because he was driving the Uhaul and Tigger was his companion. My brother, Marcus, will never let us forget the story of Tigger when he and his family came to visit us in San Diego. Too embarrasing to share! :-) Let's just say it involved me (Michelle), a broom, and Tigger trying to fight with another cat. Tigger could definitely be categorized as an Alpha Male. This morning I reminded myself to close the door to the room where Hammie (my class pet) stays to keep her away from Tigger, but then I remembered that Tigger was no longer with us. :-(