Monday, December 29, 2008

Go Tigers! 2008-2009

(The announcer begins the game by introducing the starting lineup)
...and for the Tigers we have #11...point guard...Adam Martinez! This is where the cheering begins and doesn't end until the game is over!!!

Time to fist bump the Refs.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about...FIST BUMPS... :-)

The fist bump (also called a knuckleslap, knudge, fist pound, bro-fist, fist kiss, bounce, fist love, knuckle bump, knuckles, pound it, poundage, respect knuckles, respect, knuckle knock, bones, the rock, dap, spud, giving props, knucks, popper, skin, or the get some among other names) is a type of gesture similar in meaning to a handshake, high five or nose rub. A bump also can be known as a symbol of giving of respect.

Time to shake the Coach's hand. (Opponents Coach)

Time to Pray!

Time to stretch those muscles.

Time to get ready for the game!

Time to Play!

Time Out!

3 pointer!

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrate our Anniversary at the Gaylord Texan Resort.(Oct.2008) It is such a beautiful place! We felt right at home because they have a section that includes the Riverwalk & the Alamo. :-)

Gaylord Texan Resort
"This awe-inspiring resort welcomes you to an authentic Texas experience. From the colorful Riverwalk and wide-open Texas Hill Country to the aura of Southwest-style architecture and the majestic Rio-Grande, its all here under our signature glass dome. Here, we offer state-of-the-art convention and meeting facilities, endless entertainment, World-class spa & fitness center, lavish guest rooms and our tradition of unsurpassed hospitality. Everything in on place ­ so you can have it all."

This is the view from our room!

A few pictures of the resort.

The first thing Tim does...

A few reminders of home!

Room Service. I call in to order breakfast & then realize how much it will cost. WHAT? $35.00 for one plate? Unfortunately, I was starving so I had to order. Atleast it tasted good! The orange juice was the best that I have EVER had!

We sit outside to enjoy the warmth from the outdoor fireplace.

I honestly didn't realize that the Gold Cowboy was real!

Ready for dinner!

September- The Birthday Girls celebrated another b-day!

Let the party begin!

Time to eat!

Time to play games...
I had never heard some of the games that the girls played. This one requires you to fill your mouth up with water & 1 or 2 people try to make you laugh. If you laugh, the water comes out of your mouth and you are out!

Now this one I know...Rover Red Rover Let ____ Come over!

12 candles for the birthday girl's 12th b-day!


Make a wish!

A "cupcake" cake was requested this year.

Time to dance to "Crank dat"-by Soulja Boy...Yuuahh! Soulja Boy tell 'em. I got this new dance for you called the Soulja Boy. Yuuahh! You just gotta punch and crank back 3 times from left to right. Awwwwwwwww....Yuuuaahhh...Superman...

Time to open presents!