Monday, December 29, 2008

September- The Birthday Girls celebrated another b-day!

Let the party begin!

Time to eat!

Time to play games...
I had never heard some of the games that the girls played. This one requires you to fill your mouth up with water & 1 or 2 people try to make you laugh. If you laugh, the water comes out of your mouth and you are out!

Now this one I know...Rover Red Rover Let ____ Come over!

12 candles for the birthday girl's 12th b-day!


Make a wish!

A "cupcake" cake was requested this year.

Time to dance to "Crank dat"-by Soulja Boy...Yuuahh! Soulja Boy tell 'em. I got this new dance for you called the Soulja Boy. Yuuahh! You just gotta punch and crank back 3 times from left to right. Awwwwwwwww....Yuuuaahhh...Superman...

Time to open presents!

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