Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Labor Day Fun!

The Menefee's come to visit for Labor Day Weekend! We had so much fun eating, laughing, swimming, bowling, sight seeing, and visiting the lake & the aquarium.

Charlie has a new friend!

Hanging out at the lake.

My babies borrow Mikayla's lobster! :-)


Enjoying a walk around the city.

Like Father, Like Son...never a dull moment with these two!

Remembering JFK-

Here's a sneak peek at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

Our limo waits as we get off to take a look around...

Just Kidding! Of course, Adam wanted me to take a picture of him pretending to get into the limo. :-))

1st day of School and Room #16!!

Adam and Missy ( & mom) are ready for their 1st day of school! I was surprised that they actually let me take a picture of them this year. For all you parents out there...take as many pictures as you can while your children are young!! Posing for pictures will become a chore for them when they get older!!

Here's a sneak peek at my home away from home...(Room #16) my classroom/school! ;-)

My class pet. Hammie the hamster.

Sorry, Hammie! I woke her up while I was taking this picture. My students love watching her exercise on her wheel.

My coworkers. There are 8 first grade teachers on our team.

Our school is exemplary again this year! WE also won the TBEC award which ranks us as one of the top 4% schools in Texas. It is great to work with people who truly give 100% to education.