Saturday, September 6, 2008

Full House!

Some of our nieces and nephews stayed with us for 10 DAYS!!!!
We had so much fun, but I was exhausted! We were quickly reminded of how much work little ones are!!!

We visit a nature center & a water park in Arlington.
We were (ok- I WAS) a little nervous when we left the nature center because we saw a stuffed bobcat with a note that mentioned that bobcats live in the area we were walking/hiking in. YIKES!!!

The kids observe paw prints.

Thank God Uncle Tim decided to meet us at the nature center after work! He would definitely save us...if he had to! ;-))

We spend a hot summer day cooling off at a local sprayground.

My niece is so cute! She loved bowling. Can you tell by her excitement? :-)

Time for Auntie Shell to take some portraits. I had so much fun taking pictures of my nieces and nephews. They were very patient with me...maybe it was because I bribed them. :-) Icecream for everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mom i LOVe the pics that you took of All of us at the pond!!! there sooooo GOOD!!!!;)