Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1st day of School and Room #16!!

Adam and Missy ( & mom) are ready for their 1st day of school! I was surprised that they actually let me take a picture of them this year. For all you parents out there...take as many pictures as you can while your children are young!! Posing for pictures will become a chore for them when they get older!!

Here's a sneak peek at my home away from home...(Room #16) my classroom/school! ;-)

My class pet. Hammie the hamster.

Sorry, Hammie! I woke her up while I was taking this picture. My students love watching her exercise on her wheel.

My coworkers. There are 8 first grade teachers on our team.

Our school is exemplary again this year! WE also won the TBEC award which ranks us as one of the top 4% schools in Texas. It is great to work with people who truly give 100% to education.


Anonymous said...

lol....mom i LOVE the pic. of Hamie when you woke her up...it's so cute...and FUNNY!!!!!haha!!

The Joneses in SD said...

Best wishes as you dive into another school year! Your classroom looks GREAT! And, Hamie is such a cute class pet! :) Thanks for sharing!