Friday, September 4, 2009

Random Spring Events

We went to see our niece and nephew play T-ball. It was the funniest sporting event I have ever been to. The kids did not know what they were doing and they would all run for the ball. It was very cute....priceless.

The girls are watching their cousins play!

Game Over! Uncle Tim gives hugs & high 5's.

A few friends and I show up at Kristi's "single-cd" debut. She wrote/sang a song about a person having Alzheimers. All proceeds from that night went to support Alzheimers's research.

FEB. 2009
We went to the state basketball playoffs in Austin... very good game!!! We decided to stay the weekend and enjoy the city.

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Sandra said...

You guys had a busy spring but looks lie it was alot of fun great pictures..Hope you are feeling ok