Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tiger Playoffs! 2009

The Tigers make it to the 5A Basketball playoffs! The first game will be tough. They will play the state champions from the previous year!
Tigers VS N. Crowley!

Our playoff T-shirt!

Time to decorate the locker room! Tiger Parents get together to show their support.
The guys were very surprised when they walked into the locker room the next day! :-)

Missy writes a note to her big brother!

Missy & Mom are ready to cheer!!!

A few more pics from the Whataburger Tournament.

The Tigers lost to N. Crowley. We were leading in the first half. After halftime our guys kept losing the ball...turnovers, bad passes, no defense, etc. & the other team came back ready to win. :-( We'll try again next year!

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